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Think you know, how to boost your energy the right way?

Everybody can feel a bit tired or run down throughout the day. It’s absolutely normal, but a lack of energy could affect your daily activities and make you less productive. Instead on energy drinks or fast sugars, why don’t you try some of the following? Healthy food, which will boost your energy for longer than ...
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Where to pop in London?

Are you thinking about what to plan for the upcoming weekend? Or where to go to get some yummy cakes and food! Check our nearest events in London! On Saturday 11th there is a lot going on! From 10 am at Venn street is a VENN STREET MARKET, the Fat Gay Vegan is adding a ...
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How about chocolate?

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I do not know anyone who would say no to good chocolate. We all know chocolate can be good for you if you choose it wisely.   So for chocolate lovers, here are some chocolate brands you can feel good about. They are minimally processed with clean ingredients. You should find ...
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Superfoods which won’t cost you arm and leg!

The term superfoods are trending for a while now over the social media, but for a good reason! Superfoods are essentially foods with more nutritional power per serving than regular veg and fruit. From acai, goji berries to chia seeds. There is a big variety of superfoods available, but they are not always cheap! But ...
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  • My new absolute favourite! Lemon & Poppy Seeds mini cake! Just available in our e-shop. 
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  • Nearly 5kg baby! 
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