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Raw food and cancer

Raw food and cancer Raw food, best friend! Can what we eat affect which illnesses we can get or if we can get rid of it? Definitely! What we eat have a massive effect on how we feel, our mood and energy. Certain food can make our blood sugar levels right or it can boost ...
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Do we need to fear the salt?

Pink Himalayan salt Salt or no salt? Is salt really that bad for our health? For years we hear to reduce our salt intake for health reasons. They say a high-salt diet could cause high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease or even death. There is still a big debate over this topic. Some research shows ...
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World’s healthiest food!

Healthy Eating Mind Diet Most of us are trying to have a healthy balanced diet, full of nutrition and food which is good for our body and soul. I think everyone needs to find their own favourite. The one which does the most for them. Fortunately for all of us, there is not only one ...
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Fresh start!

Tags detox
The spring is almost here. It's a time of fresh start, a new life, beautiful colours. It is simply the season of new beginnings. For some of us, it's a time to turn on a new page and try a detox plan. After a long winter, when some of maybe slipped from their healthy eating, ...
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