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It’s Market Time!

What a beautiful Sunday today! If you haven't tried our delicious Raw & Vegan cakes yet, this is a perfect opportunity to do so. If you can, take your family or friends and join us for the second time! Today again, you can try out of our 7 mouthwatering flavours, in new small size ...
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Ginger: Is it the healthiest food ever?

In the age we live in now seeks a natural cure for the blights of today. Perhaps you just wonder which healthy ingredient should be the best to add to your meal to feel better. Number one on the chart for the healthiest food in the world definitely belongs to ginger. This herb root has just 80 calories ...
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Verawnika’s: How it all started

Veronika Always being creative in her life, Veronika has decided to become a graphic designer at first. When she was 20yo, she has left everything and went to Australia to travel, study and get some experience. In 2009 Veronika felt like she needs to find herself, a purpose of her life, so she moved to ...
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Is organic food for you?

Organic or non-organic? That is the question. Stores are full of organic food. They are selling organic fried pork, organic milk, organic canned beans or organic refined sugar. Both kinds of milk look the same, same amount, same taste, but one is slightly overpriced. So which one to choose? But first, here are some fact ...
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  • Raw Vegan Raspberry & Chocolate Cake 
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  • Raw Vegan Chocolate, Blueberry & Coconut Cake. 
Make your loved ones surprised by sending them one of the personalised cakes. You can select the date & time at the checkout and we will personally deliver them on time! It's very easy! 👌
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  • Have tomorrow another colourful day! 🍓🥥🥑
  • Good morning everyone. How did you sleep tonight? 
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