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Let’s go nuts!

Let's go nuts! Verawnikas Raw Vegan Cakes Online Hand Delivery London
Let’s go nuts!

A nut is a fruit composed of hard inedible shell and generally edible seed. There is a big variety of them on the market. Nuts are an important source of nutrients for both, human and wildlife. Most of them have a high oil content, hence they are highly prized for food and energy source. A large number of seeds is edible by human and used in cooking,ย  eaten raw, pressed for oil.ย Some of the nuts used in cooking are truly amazing, unfortunately, they are the most common allergens.


Almonds are edible seeds from what’s commonly called the almond tree. They are native to the Middle East, but the US is now the biggest producer. You can normally buy them without the shell, raw or roasted. They are also used to produce milk, butter, oil, flour or marzipan.

They have multiple health benefits, they are boosted with antioxidants, which are largely concentrated in the brown skin of the nut. Antioxidants can help reduce the oxidative stress which causes early ageing and cancer.

Almonds are low in carbs, but high in healthy fats, protein and fibre. That makes them a great choice for people with diabetes. Studies found that eating almonds can help to reduce weight as it can increase fullness and reduce the intake of calories.

Brazil nuts

Seeds from Brazil nut tree are loved by many for their great taste and health benefits! These nuts strengthen the immune system, stimulate growth and repair, improve the digestive process and boost male fertility.

Brazil nuts are the number one source of selenium, which is extremely vital for the body as it has strong antioxidant power. Because a low level of selenium can cause depression and bad mood, Brazil nuts should definitely be a part of a balanced diet. Even if it’s just to boost your mood and energy. The vitamins in Brazil nuts are particularly good for improving skin health, they give the skin a healthy glow and improving the elasticity, therefore preventing early ageing.

They are truly amazing, you can buy them in any bigger shop with or without the shell. The price is more than great given all the benefits Brazil nuts have to offer!

Cashew nuts

Nuts from the Cashew tree, originally from Brazil now finding the way to the heart of many as a snack or in cooking. They are favourite for cooking curries, Thai meals or salads. You can get them raw, roasted or salted.

Like other nuts, they have plenty of benefits, they are rich in healthy fats good for your heart. They are an excellent source of copper for vegetarians. If you think that going vegan you would have to give up on your favourite creamy meals, cashews make a really tasty cream which can be used as a great swap for cream. It is really easy to make and personally, it is my favourite!

There are so many ways how to use all sorts of nuts and you really can not go wrong with adding them into your diet!

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