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Let’s start 2019 with Veganuary!

Veganuary 2019
Veganuary 2019

After all the Christmas celebrations and New year, most of us are thinking about changing something in their life. Have you been playing with the thought of becoming vegan or maybe just try it? Are you wondering if you will see any changes in yourself when you will go vegan? Why don’t try it with Veganuary?!

Going vegan has a lot of benefits and whatever the reason you have, it’s easier than ever to go vegan now.

Not only it has health benefits, but it is cruelty-free and better for the planet. You can start with food and keep exploring from body wash to laundry gel and soaps. Most supermarkets in the UK has a lot to offer for those who decided to go this way of life. And if you don’t find it in supermarkets, there is a lot of shops around with cruelty-free cosmetic products.

Veganuary itself is a smart idea of introducing the new way in a short period of time. This year according to the  there are around 250,000 people globally taking this challenge. Being totally animal cruelty-free is a way of life and with Veganuary you can try it yourself. It is a big commitment for someone who has not even tried it before.

Two-day challenge. Can you do it?

Why don’t test it with maybe 2 days a week of no animal product and meals?

Or as a flexitarian where you eat mainly plant-based diet, but occasionally share a plate with meat, fish or dairy.

After 1 month of animal products free diet people say they do feel better, their sleep improved and they lost around 6lbs on average.

When you follow a diet like this, it makes you plan your meals, cook from scratch and just that itself makes you feel better. You can not just pop into the office kitchen and grab a few biscuits. You think about what you eat.

Which is a problem this day and age as a lot of people is in constant rush and stress. They tent to just grab whatever is cheaper and full of sugar to get them through the day. Most of us probably have been there, that’s why trying Veganuary is a good choice, nothing bad can happen with eating more fruit and veg for 31 days!

If you need support, there is a lot of websites which can give you ideas about what to cook or what you can and can’t. You can even order vegan ready meals and just warm them up.

You can sign up on for help and support to make this change easier for you.

One in eight people in England is now vegans or vegetarians so there is a big chance someone close to you can help you with it all.

It’s first Veganuary for me as I have been flexitarian for over a year now and it is going well so far.

So if you think about trying it, definitely give it a go. With all the online support you can get and supermarkets stocked up with vegan options it’s easier than ever!

Let’s make it easier with the cakes. Have you tested the raw cake already?

Raw Vegan Mini Cake Selection
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Dominika O'Dowd

Dominika O’Dowd was writing for an online fashion magazine and since becoming passionate about health and animal wellbeing she educates herself and does what she loves by putting it into words for all of you.

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