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Raw Vegan ChocoBerry And Passion Fruit Cake

From: £39.99

Almonds, cashew,
Medjool dates, coconut oil, cocoa powder, Valrhona chocolate (vegan), avocado, coconut milk, lecithin, date syrup, raspberries, maple syrup, passion fruit, Irish moss, baobab superfruit powder.

Minimum order for hand-delivery within London is £30 (Mix & Match) or you can collect it for FREE!

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Indulge your taste buds with our delicious raw vegan cake, enriched with exotic baobab superfruit powder.  This is an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and thiamin. Passion fruit adds an amazing tropical twist to it.

Contains nuts!

DISCLAIMER: We use only 100% natural and unprocessed ingredients.  Due to this, we cannot guarantee the exact colours and uniform flavours each time. Similarly, edible flowers shown on pictures may have different colours and shapes at the time you purchase your product. It’s all about seasons. Some ingredients with a strong pigment such as strawberry, raspberry or beetroot may discolour lighter layers (coconut) with time. This is completely natural and does not affect the quality of the cake.

You can opt for chocolate writing (like a happy birthday) on top of your cake. In this case, we would place the decoration on the side. However, some elements might be lost unintentionally.

Minimum order for hand-delivery within London is £30 (Mix & Match) or you can collect it for FREE!

Orders over £100 are FREE of delivery charge*
* Hand-delivery bellow £100 cost £12.90 for the within 5 miles from London Bridge (SE1 3YD). We also provide hand-delivery up to 15 miles from London Bridge (SE1 3YD). Your delivery cost is calculated at the checkout. Read more about our hand-delivery fees here.
Collection from our kitchen at London Bridge is always FREE anytime. 

Raw cakes must be kept refrigerated at all times and will keep for 5 days (excluding fresh decoration) or they can be frozen. We recommend to freeze them already portioned. Frozen slices of the cake should be left at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving or can be thawed in a fridge overnight (recommended).


Whole cake 6” £39.99 Serves 6-8
Whole cake 8” £49.99 Serves 12-16
Whole cake 10” £79.99 Serves 16-24
Tart 10” £49.99 Serves 16
Two-tier 8” + 6” £89.99 Serves 18 – 24
Two-tier 10” + 8” £129 Serves 30 – 40
Three-tier 10” + 8” + 6” £170 Serves 40 – 50



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