Raw Vegan Mango and Passion Fruit Two-Tier Cake

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brazil nuts, mulberries, organic virgin coconut oil, Medjool dates, organic Inga berries, passion fruit, mango, freeze-dried passion fruit powder, pink Himalayan salt, agar-agar, organic maple syrup (or carob fruit syrup), coconut cream.

Minimum portions are 18-24. Bottom tier is 8″ (20 cm), top tier is 6″ (15 cm).

Minimum order for hand-delivery within London is £30 (Mix & Match) or you can collect it for FREE!

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Picture this: the weather is good, the sun is shining and you’re tucking into a light, tropical mango, coconut & passion fruit vegan cake. It’s that time of year where chocolate is melting everywhere and it’s far too hot for stodgy cake. What a better option to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours with a slice of raw, summery cake. Go ahead and pretend you’re on a beach in Thailand while eating it; it does make the experience 10x better.

You can try our small slices too! They are great for any office feast or consider our two-tier cake!

As you know by now, raw is better for you. Raw cake especially, since it is filled with whole foods and unrefined sugars, which can’t be said for the traditional sponge cakes. The raw cake is dense in nutrients and often quite filling. This vegan & paleo cake is light with its sweet mango “cheesecake” with tangy passion fruit “gel”.

Mango is rich in beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A when consumed. Vitamin A is particularly good for eyesight, skin, mucous membrane, and the immune system. This blissful treat also contains a great amount of vitamin c and potassium as if you need anymore enticing

“The top layer was really fresh and fruity and once again the tropical flavours were really prominent. The base was crunchy and full of flavour from the nuts. All in all, one absolutely divine cake. I would 100% recommend this cake from Verawnika’s to anyone who was looking for a truly special, indulgent and delicious raw cake” See full review of this cake from LittleLuxuryFoods here.

Orders over £70 are FREE of delivery charge*
* Hand-delivery bellow £70 cost £9.90 for the within 5 miles from Aldgate East, London. We also provide hand-delivery up to 15 miles from Aldgate East, London. Your delivery cost is calculated at the checkout. Read more about our hand-delivery fees here.
Collection from our kitchen in Aldgate East, London is always FREE anytime. 

Raw cakes must be kept refrigerated at all times and will keep for 5 days (excluding fresh decoration) or they can be frozen. We recommend to freeze them already portioned. Frozen slices of the cake should be left at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving or can be thawed in a fridge overnight (recommended).


Whole cake 6” £39.99 Serves 6-8
Whole cake 8” £49.99 Serves 12-16
Whole cake 10” £79.99 Serves 16-24
Tart 10” £49.99 Serves 16
Two-tier 8” + 6” £89.99 Serves 18 – 24
Two-tier 10” + 8” £129 Serves 30 – 40
Three-tier 10” + 8” + 6” £170 Serves 40 – 50



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