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Raw children

Raw Children

This day and age, the trend of living a healthy lifestyle are spreading more and more. Most of us are trying to live a healthy life with a balanced diet. Some of us choose vegetarian, vegan, pescetarians and many more.

But what about the children? What about children on a raw or vegan food diet? Some people might think that kids should eat meat and dairy, but there is a big number of children who are vegan. Recording to poll from last year 1 in 12 parents is raising their kids vegan. The study claims 75% is for health benefits, the rest because of ethical reasons around animal welfare.

With an unhealthy lifestyle, you are putting your child at risk, same like yourself if you live unhealthily. Here are some statistics.

Since 1991 there has been a 500% increase in the number of ADHD prescriptions.

Obesity among the younger generation is reaching epidemic proportions. Negatively impacting on their health and is even causing depression.

More and more children are now getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Most of them are clinically obese.

Autism is increasing worldwide.

Living a healthy lifestyle can help to reduce the risk of all the above. So there is no surprise we can find more and more children on vegan on a raw vegan diet.

In most cases, it’s the parent who decides about the diet. Before you make this decision, you should know what your child needs as a swap for meat – protein and other animal products. There might be B12 vitamin supplementation needed, as well as a vitamin D if you don’t have enough of sunshine. Calcium without dairy products? Just make sure you give your kids enough of figs, leafy greens and some almonds, they are all rich in calcium.

There are families and celebrities who are raising awareness, giving examples and show us how easy it can be. In England, it can be for example Loni Jane (lonijane on Instagram) who is living or raw vegan diet, her children including. Author of “Feel the lean ‘Bloom’ & ‘Recipes’.

Monami Frost, she and her family are vegan, she even wrote a cookbook, opened a vegan burger restaurant.  

With little children, even healthy raw plant-based solid cannot take the place of mother’s milk, especially in the first year. Some babies are not ready to fully swap for solid foods during the first year and still require the fats and protein of mother’s milk.

Once the child is ready to eat solid pieces of raw plant food, fruit such as banana has a great number of calories and is easy to digest.

Some say that children who are on a vegan food diet are small and hyperactive, in the book Food for Life, Dr Neal Barnard explains that vegan children grow up more slowly and normally. But because most of the children around is growing up taller because of growth hormones in their food, vegan kids might seem bit small and ‘hyperactive’, in fact, they are healthy children with amazing energy!

No matter what do you choose for your children, always do your research! But there is definitely more than one way which is the right way. Raw vegan diet and a vegan diet are only two of the options, but they definitely do help and can heal and change your and your family life!

Dominika O'Dowd

Dominika O’Dowd was writing for an online fashion magazine and since becoming passionate about health and animal wellbeing she educates herself and does what she loves by putting it into words for all of you.

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