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Superfoods which won’t cost you arm and leg!

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The term superfoods are trending for a while now over the social media, but for a good reason! Superfoods are essentially foods with more nutritional power per serving than regular veg and fruit. From acai, goji berries to chia seeds. There is a big variety of superfoods available, but they are not always cheap!

But believe it or not, even when the money is tight there are plenty of common and affordable superfoods available in the supermarkets.

Here are few affordable superfoods to look out for on your next grocery shopping!


If you are on the budget, you should definitely add broccoli into your diet to increase your nutrition. It is high in detoxifying compounds that keep your liver and digestive health in great condition. It’s a source of plant-based calcium, fibre, and even protein. It’s packed with vitamin B and an excellent source of chlorophyll.

You can even buy frozen broccoli, which is absolutely fine as its frozen at peak harvest. It’s not gonna go off before you have time to use it, meaning you are not going to waste your money!

Warm Broccoli

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an incredible food. They are deliciously sweet, affordable, and packed with health benefits. Sweet potatoes are great sources of fibre, the antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 which lowers blood pressure levels and provides nervous system health benefits.

You can roast them for dinner, pair them with chickpea or even have them for breakfast with some apples!

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


One of the healthiest food and you can get them all year round! Just make sure you buy organic ones, as the nonorganic ones contain one of the highest concentration of pesticides.

They are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium and fibre! They are also great for heart health due to their high pectin content.

You can enjoy apples practically any time of the day, as a breakfast, snack or just bite on it while you are out and about!

Red apples


Black, green, brown or red, all lentils are high in nutritional value and inexpensive per serving. They are one of the best sources of iron and they are one of the most nutrition-dense food on the planet. They are high in protein, more protein per ounce than a steak! Rich source of magnesium, antioxidants, fibre, and several vitamins B. They regulate insulin level, help regulate digestion and feed healthy gut bacteria.

Lentils taste delicious in soups and stews, they are all similar in nutritional values so pick whichever you want. Red ones cook up creamier and smoother and brown, black and green taste bit earthier.

Red Lentils Masala
Red Lentils Masala


All berries are nutrient-dense, so no matter your pick it’s a win. They can be included in your diet no matter your budget. Buying frozen berries will save you the most money per serving. You do not need to worry about their nutritional value as they are frozen at their peak harvest and retain more nutrition as a result.

They are incredibly high in fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants and have also been linked to reducing cholesterol levels, high blood sugar and even a risk of memory loss! And the massive plus is the fact, that they are absolutely delicious, lower sugar fruits and you can add them to almost anything. We have a berry smoothie as a big favourite in our house!

What they will do for you?

Including some super affordable superfoods will get you a balanced intake of nutrients, including muscle building protein, digestive-friendly fibre, natural sweetness and many more!

Combine the superfoods as you like and remember it’s always cheaper as well to purchase in season produces!

Dominika O'Dowd

Dominika O’Dowd was writing for an online fashion magazine and since becoming passionate about health and animal wellbeing she educates herself and does what she loves by putting it into words for all of you.

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