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Think you know how to relieve the stress?

Think you know how to relieve the stress?
Stress in work

Do you know the feeling of sitting in the traffic, getting late for an important meeting? Your brain decides to send out the order, send in the stress hormone! Your heart races, your breath quickens and your muscles are ready to fight! This response is to get you ready to fight quickly back, but if your body is responding to stress day after day, it could put your health in really serious risk.

Stress in an absolutely normal part of life, you can experience good or bad forms of stress from your environment, your body and your thoughts.  The human body is designed to experience and react to stress, stress can be positive like getting a job promotion or being given greater responsibilities. Stress becomes negative when you are facing challenges without relaxation or relief in between. As a result of that, you become overworked and stress-related tension builds.

Distress mostly leads to physical symptoms including headaches, upset stomach, chest pain and elevated blood pressure. And in almost every case problems with sleeping.  Research suggests that not only that but stress can bring on or worsen certain symptoms or diseases.

Lots of people tents to use alcohol or tobacco (or worse) in an attempt to try and relieve the stress. Unfortunately, instead of relieving the body, these are keeping the body in a stressed state and cause more harm and problems.

Think you know how to relieve the stress?
Think you know how to relieve the stress?

Just look at these numbers :

43% of adults suffer adverse health effects from stress 

75%-90% of all doctor’s offices visits are for stress-related conditions

Stress can play a part in headaches, blood pressure, heart problems, heart condition, skin condition, depression, anxiety and diabetes.

So how we can relieve stress?


It might seem contradictory, but exercise is one of the most important things you can do to beat stress. Putting the physical stress on the body through physical exercise can relieve mental stress.

The benefits are strongest when you exercise regularly, here is why. 

  • Exercise lowers your stress hormone 
  • Exercise can improve your sleep quality
  • When exercising regularly, you might feel more confident in your body which does promote mental well-being.

Reduce your caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, tea, chocolate and energy drinks. High doses can increase anxiety. Everyone has a different amount of caffeine their body can take, so if caffeine makes you jittery or anxious, consider cutting back.


It is difficult to feel anxious when you are laughing. It is definitely good for your health and there are few ways how it might help to relieve stress. 

  • Relieving your stress tension by relaxing your muscles 
  • Relieving your stress tension 

Not only that, but it can help to improve your mood and improve your immune system. You can hang out with your friends or family to have a good time and laugh! Which is really important, if you want help to relieve stress. 

Being around your friends and family can give you a sense of belonging and self-worth, which can help you in tough times. 

Take control and learn to say NO

You definitely can’t control all the stress factors around you, but you should take control of the parts of your life you can, which are causing you stress. And some of it may be by you learning to say NO!

Especially if you are taking on more than you can handle, as trying to juggle many responsibilities will leave you stressed and overwhelmed.

So being selective on what you can handle and say no to the things that will unnecessarily add to your load will reduce the stress levels. 

Apart from that, there is food which you can eat to boost your mood, you can find examples on Think you know, how to boost your energy the right way? 

You can practice mindfulness, take a yoga class, listen to soothing music or spend time with your pet. There are many simple ways which can help you to reduce stress levels and anxiety. 

But remember, if your stress is not going away and you are feeling worse and depressed, go and see your GP or call to a free line to talk to someone! 

Dominika O'Dowd

Dominika O’Dowd was writing for an online fashion magazine and since becoming passionate about health and animal wellbeing she educates herself and does what she loves by putting it into words for all of you.

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