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Verawnika’s: How it all started


Always being creative in her life, Veronika has decided to become a graphic designer at first. When she was 20yo, she has left everything and went to Australia to travel, study and get some experience. In 2009 Veronika felt like she needs to find herself, a purpose of her life, so she moved to a tranquil village in Ireland to County Clare. After six months, realising this quiet lifestyle is not her cup of tea, once again, she has relocated, this time to London, where her career in the food industry began. 

It started in 2010 when she studied Intermediate cuisine at Le Corden Bleu culinary school and afterwards became a personal chef. While travelling around the world with various families, Veronika found finally her passion – the pastry, where she could fully use her creativity, design touch, explore new flavours and techniques.  
She worked in 5-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants across London. Working under the best chefs was an extraordinary experience and opportunity to develop and master her pastry skills.
It was the year 2014 when the pastry chef Veronika hosted a small tea party in Brentford for her friends. With the majority of them being vegan, she searched the internet and found a recipe for a raw vegan cake, which she did not believe it could ever work. Surprisingly to Veronika, the cake was a huge success. Blown away with the taste and the fact, that the vegan desserts are so rich in nutrition, she started making her flavour creations for her family and friends. After receiving positive feedback, she fell in love with the idea of healthy raw & vegan fusion and opened her first business called “Veronika’s raw cakes online” as a part-time hobby, while still being a full-time pastry chef elsewhere.
As a part of her promo, Veronika hosted multiple picnic cake tastings for her Facebook followers, where she met Kamila, who became her good friend and lately also a business partner. In 2018, being quite successful, but unable to fulfil all her orders, she quit the job in hotel’s pastry kitchen, took all her confidence, partnered up with Kamila and became a full-time vegan chef in their business and that is when the VERAWNIKA’S was born.
Veronika is now able to fully explore and express her design and creative passion, challenged by her customer’s requirements. She loves being independent in creating her varieties of raw & vegan cakes, which you can order on this website.
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Veronika Polyakova

Veronika Polyakova is a pastry chef who attended Le Cordon Blue, travelled the world as a personal chef and worked in 5* hotels and Michelin star restaurant.

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